A 5-month Group Program for Women who want to break through their sticky limits (once and for all!) and live a wildly free life.

*In Person & Online*
September 2019 - February 2020



The truth: I was afraid of my appointment with Elke and to not find what I was looking for. Because I had done a lot of inner healing over the years. Holy shit! I have all of me back in ways I couldn’t imagine.

— Ange Arbuckle, Soul Coach - Retreat Architect - Writer



As a soul-centered woman, you have the burning desire to:

  • Let go of what´s been holding you back and break through to the next level of success… …however that looks for you.

  • Connect with who you really are and to the power center within you…
    …no more doubting or even sacrificing yourself. (Side effect: Healthy Boundaries - Say Yes and No to yourself + others without fear!)

  • Get unstuck and be ready to jump out of bed at sunrise with a “Hell yes, I’ll get s*** done today!”

  • Breathe new life into your body and open up to the possibilities of YOUR magical life…
    …Attract men (or women, or your dream job or significant business opportunities) like a flowering cherry tree which is swarmed by thousands of honeybees. And you only have to pick the best for you?

  • Feel complete, whole and at peace…
    …look back at age 90 and say, “I lived the exact life I wanted.”



 Like these women went before you

Imagine your picture here in a few month from now!

Elke-Hannig_Feedback_Keira 1.png

Integrated, Whole, Calm, Safe.

Elke, i felt like this after the session with you. There is a deeper level of trust and calm in my body and mind than I can ever remember feeling before.

—Keira Burgess, Intuitive Guidance & Coaching


Wildly free!

The trust I felt was astonishing! Your loving and serene presence made it so easy to relax and open up completely. I was so scared that I have to jump into ‘the trauma’ again. But no way! It was neither hard nor heavy to release this old stuff. Feeling so wildly alive now.

— Esther G., Project Manager


That is some deep s***!

Die Arbeit mit Elke hat seit Jahren feststeckende Energie in wenigen Minuten verändert! Das ist der Game Changer für mein Business.

— Becky Keen, Soul & Business Coach




(and melt stuck energy into sustainable happiness 24/7)

Max. 6 Women. Few spots left.



Perhaps you´ve been on your healing journey for years and trying to uncover, what happened to you in the past…

…and you´re so fed up from running into the same patterns over and over again.

And you  f*****g  can´t put your finger on the “real” problem - even though you´ve tried it all before.


If you’re ready to…


Then I´m here to tell you that you´re ready.

Your soul is ready. Your body is ready.

And you can FEEL it.
That’s why you´re here on this page!

During this program, you’ll get hands-on support to crack your shell wide open, to come fully alive, to liberate yourself from the past and to transform your wounds into a pulsating stream of life.


Here’s what we´ll do:

  1. Coming Home

In yourself and on your seat in the corcle of women.

2. Gain Clarity

Get crystal clear, what´s holding you back.

3. Your Happy Place

Conquer your delicious life (once and for all).

4. Root Cause Release

Your current biggest obstacle and how you free it.

5. Integration + Balance

Expand yourself, relax, and digest with massage and bodywork.

6. Get Ready For Life

Shine on confidently, stay soft and resilient.


Come, take your seat by the fire, let’s get to know each other!

I´m Elke Hannig, Body Psychotherapist, and Tantric & Shamanic Wisdom Teacher. I am offering a small group of ambitious, wholehearted, and dedicated women the opportunity to work intimately with me, healing trauma on a soul level and get their life back with ease.

During this 5-month program, I’m supporting you with the tools I´ve learned and implemented over the last 13 years to heal my deeply traumatized mind, soul & body and to get sustainable access to my power center inside of me.


In my life, I´ve been at the darkest places, numbness, depression, drug abuse, abusive relationships, and I was desperate. Oh! So desperate. And I cannot say how often I went the spiral down with circling thoughts: “I will never make it. I must have done something so bad (in this or past lives), that I don´t deserve it. A joyful life. I am not worth it and I will be never enough.”

But inside of me was a spark. And this spark gave me hope, courage, and power to not stop searching for a magical, peaceful, and free life. I arrived. That doesn´t mean, my life is always easy.

But I know exactly what to do when life is though. My body supports me always. I am using my gifts and my lifeforce. I am listening to it, and I am acting.


You want a vibrant life filled with laughter, joy, and sun on your skin, but something inside of you is off. Something is holding or pulling you back, like an invisible rubber band. And it sucks!

The best decisions I´ve ever done: To invest in myself and my healing.

It affected EVERYTHING. Success in business, finding friends who are like family but better, a juicy sex life, a deeper impact in this world, my wealth, my eating habits, my health. And every time I trusted more and liberated myself!

I changed my whole life, and I can say: You can heal everything. I did it, and so can you.

If you’re ready to heal your past and get sustainable access to your power center in the next five months than you’ve been able to in the last 5 years…

…then The Healing Catalyst is PERFECT FOR YOU.

Bye bye, self-sabotage and anxiety? YES PLEASE.
Kick depression in the a**? HELL YEAH!
Feel wildly alive? BRING IT ON!



The Healing Catalyst is my signature program - where women go for deep healing and find sustainable HAPPINESS...

…wrapped in 5 full months of feminine, loving sisterhood


(Take the leap and jump into the life you´ve always dreamed of)



This program includes:

  • 3 Live Weekend Seminars - fully catered - in a beautiful seminar house in nature with a swimming pond, delicious food, and a lot of space to walk, relax and chill. Gut Helmeringen

  • 5 Video Calls with personal support

  • Access to a private Facebook Group and MOI!

  • Workshop Materials

  • Sacred, soul-centered sisterhood

  • Fire circle ceremony & sharing stories

  • Healing Meditations

  • Touch, Bodywork, and Massage (plenty of to fill you up!)

  • One-to-One Sessions

  • Trauma Release Work

  • Dance Therapy Sessions

  • An open space to heal your wounds once and for all

The slower - the better.

We´ll have plenty of time to connect, heal, relax, digest, integrate, and to let your new behaviors sink into every single cell of your body.



Ready to uncover your true self…
…beyond what´s holding you back, and the emotional baggage you´ve been carrying with you?

 Like these women here:

(And again: Imagine your happy face here in 5 months)


I am so beautiful!

Elke's seminars were a present for me and the woman in me. Safe in a protected and attentive atmosphere, I was able to discover my femininity brand new in me. I've experienced how beautiful we women and our bodies are and how much power is hidden in us. Wow .... what energy comes to light when we show ourselves!

— Sabine Braun, Awareness Trainer & Coach


Liberated my soul!

Before working with Elke Hannig, I struggled so much with self sabotage, in terms of success within my business and overall happiness. I had accepted this self sabotage as normal. Always waiting for the bad to happen after the good. I feel so liberated. Hiring Elke Hannig is an absolute no-brainer if you're struggling with self sabotage and are ready to have true, sustainable inner happiness.

— Chrissy Anne Hollis, Spiritual Coach


Issues solved in depths!

Elke opens and holds spaces of unique safety and presence in which my being can relax and expand naturally. I have the feeling that I have solved issues in depth that I would have needed much longer to transform without our sessions. She´s wonderful!

— Gabriele Frosch, Art - Life Art - Wholeness


(No more waiting!)



Life Seminars plus online resources and 1:1 work in person & online. To help you step out of your junk AND feel the support on every step of your healing journey. I´ll be there for you and so will be the group!

The Schedule:

3 Live Events - Gut Helmeringen, 89415 Lauingen/Donau, Germany:

  • 1. Weekend: September 06-08,2019

  • 2. Weekend: December 13-15, 2019

  • 3. Weekend: February 07-09, 2020

Friday: Beginning with Dinner 06/06:30pm, 8pm Fire Circle
Saturday: 10am-1pm / 3pm-6pm
Sunday: 10am-1pm. Lunch - Departure

5 Video Calls with One-on-One Support (Dates are arranged with the participants)

Private Facebookgroup

VIP -Upgrade 1:1

Do you want to know more about it? Then let us have a non-binding conversation and find out what supports you best (grab a coffee or tea and make yourself comfortable!)


(And come home…)