… and you are powerful, loving, and capable beyond belief but first:

You have to COME HOME!

How do I know? This is my story…

Since my thirties I always thought that everything is fine in my life. Fine with me. Until that time as I worked 250 hours a month and my boss screwed at me something so badly that I broke down sobbing, and quitted this sucking job in just this moment.

I felt that something was wrong. Deeply wrong.

Where was my happiness gone? Why did I run with open eyes into painful situations (narcistic relationships, overworking, overspending…) over and over again?

I remember standing in front of a store shelf with a million-fold selection of breakfast cereals. And I felt terribly lost. Lost in the external quick fix happiness world, caught in jobs that suck, searching for someone who will love me as I am, for MORE, for something REAL. And I collapsed inside. But inside of me was an unstoppable yearning.

To find the holy grail of love, happiness and freedom inside of me – no matter what!

I went into talk therapy despite of an imprinted belief of getting brainwashed there and everyone who´s going to therapy is “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest -alike. What a big and scary step! Uh-Oh!

But surprise surprise: This brainwash was pretty healing and i realized fast, that all of what happened to me, was not my fault. I was born into a deeply traumatized and disfunctional family (Russian captivity, refugees, lost firstborns, abuse, death, neglection, anxiety, alcohol and medicine abuse…). For the first time in my life i got hope. Hope that i can change, that i have the capacity to heal and to live a life i´ve ever dreamed of. So my own healing journey began and gladly I had an open psychotherapist who referred me to tantra (first reaction: EEEK! Freaking NO WAY), shamanism and body psychotherapy.

And I invested in ALL of them, because talk therapy only helped me with seeing where the problems are but not on solving them on a deeper level.

I´ve found my vocation and I was able to re-connect all of the disconnected pieces inside of me. In being touched, held and being genuinely supported by my teachers and learning to touch and support others with love and awareness,

I was able to release anxiety, depression, self-doubt, co-dependency, post-traumatic stress disorder and heal most of my development trauma in the depths of my soul, my mind and my body.

And then on a sunday morning dance session at a tantric seminar i felt it crawling up my spine and filling every cell of my body: The pulsating stream of life, the unlimited source of love, happiness, joy and connectedness with nature, the spirits and my fellow human beings INSIDE OF ME (and all of it without drugs - yupp, this was a part of my past too). In this holy moment I felt on my knees and I cried. Oh these sweet and hot tears of redemption. And this was just the beginning 12 years ago.

Do you wanna feel this too? Don´t hold yourself back and get on a free session with me!


I´ve since supported hundreds of women (and counting) to navigate through their wounds with an experience of more than 13 years and educations in Tantra, Shamanism, Body Psychotherapy and Trauma Therapy. And get so far super quick and sustainable results like this:

  • Burn Out NO MORE: Setting limits - clear & powerful

  • Getting pregnant after 3 years of trying - (no guarantee, but only one session was needed)

  • Vocation found and feeling so wildly live! (after being retired with 42 because of depression)

  • Game changer in business - shifting energy that has been stuck for years

  • Finally got the courage to jump into the first relationship ever (with 35) and all of the juicy “first time things”

  • No more buying or eating in emotional “needy” situations - because of a strong connection to the own resources

Instead of searching endlessly in the outside world, why not invest and dive deep into your inside world? Your body, your soul. All of the answers are there. Calm. Peace. Happiness. Freedom. Joy. Sparkling sensuality. Love.

And most important: The Love of your life. YOU. The real one.

It´s worth it. Every minute and every cent. If you wanna feel wildly alive, book a call with me. Let´s set your life on fire.


Elke-Hannig_Feedback_Kimberley 2.png

After struggling with charging for my services and not believing I have something valuable to offer my clients, Elke helped me to feel empowered by my gifts. I sold my first coaching package for 1.000 £ after our session!

— Kimberley Taylor, Productivity & Business Coach



The Official BIO

Body Psychotherapist Elke Hannig is your spine-tingling shortcut to happiness (available for in person and online).

Elke knows that trauma lives in the body – and can be hurting inside for decades without you ever knowing.

So when you’re feeling broken, compromised and controlled by the past – because something inside is off – and no amount of talk therapy is doing the job…

You need Elke’s hyper-healing, body-centered connection and zinging vibration of her touch.

Through the heart-shifting energy of her empathy and her electrifying intuition, Elke quickly brings your body out of hidden trauma, into freedom, love and belonging.

So if you’re ready to snap the endless loops of self-sabotage keeping you scared, stuck and screwing up – and finally release your true joy on the world – then visit her offerings and get ‘hands on’ with Elke.



Don´t miss it!

None of my therapists dared to allow such intense depth of soulful, mental and physical closeness, combined with the ability to hold boundaries. You were the ideal mother for my inner child. Pure healing!

— Esther G., Project Managerin


Feeling home!

I felt safe, taking care of and well supported. It was awesome and I didn´t even need to leave home.

— Chrissy Anne Hollis, Spiritual Coach