You are so fed up…

…from running into the same patterns over and over again.

And you f*****g can´t put the finger on your `real´ problem…
That’s why you´re here on this page.

You´ll get the hands-on support to

  • liberate yourself from the past

  • crack the shell to come fully alive

  • transform your wounds into a pulsating stream of life.

    Bye bye self sabotage and anxiety? YES PLEASE.
    Kick depression in the a**? HELL YEAH!
    Feel wildly alive? BRING IT ON!



Issues solved in depths!
Elke opens and holds spaces of unique safety and presence in which my being can relax and expand naturally. I have the feeling that I have solved issues in depth that I would have needed much longer to transform without our sessions. She´s wonderful!

— Gabriele Frosch, Art - Life Art - Wholeness



One-on-One Offerings



These are some options, how we can work together. There´s always more in my magical hat, so feel free to hop on a call with me.

We´ll find out what works best for your unique healing journey.

I am here to support motivated women like you to break through anything getting in your way of living your fullest capacity of joy, freedom and abundance and finding the intimacy and love you are longing for.

Instant Healing on Speed Dial

A 45-minute Online Session. And this is for you, if you:

  • have an urgent problem.

  • know the root cause and need someone to guide you through.

  • don´t have the time to come into my practice.

  • feel this could be solved fast.

  • live far away or in another country.

Wanna free yourself from that?

3-Month Healing Intensive

A 3-month container with in-person-sessions and online support. This is for you, if you:

  • have an urgent problem, a heavy life event or old stuff is triggered.

  • aren´t sure of the root cause and need someone to guide you through.

  • wanna get to know me and my work more.

  • wanna get “hands-on” with me.

If you don´t live near my practice and you´re interested to work with me, let´s hop on a call. We will find something in my magical hat especially for you!

9-Month Get Your Life Back

A 9-month container with in-person-sessions and online support. This is for you, if you:

  • have an ongoing pattern, on which you aware of, but you can´t address it.

  • have an urgent problem, a heavy life event or old stuff is triggered.

  • aren´t sure of the root cause and need someone to guide you through.

  • wanna get “hands-on” with me.

  • wanna go really deep.

Want sustainable happiness inside of you and not throwing your money to external quick fixes? Let´s have a virtual Coffee or Matcha Latte, and figure out what´s the best way for us to work together!



I feel seen!

In individual work as well as in your seminars I´ve found a place where I feel well cared for and where I am allowed to be who I am. You reflect to me that I'm good and lovable the way I am right now. That everything is permissible and that it is all right as it is. You see my potential and show me what's already there. That gives hope and courage.

— Claudia H., Grad.-Pedagogue


Found my vocation!

Elke's work has made a huge difference in my life and my environment. Without them, I might not have found the courage and the strength to start all over again and seek my vocation. The women I meet in the seminars and the warm, friendly atmosphere are so good to me and often afterwards I feel like a new person: refreshed and motivated or calm and relaxed and in my midst.

— Jasmine M., Physiotherapist


Self-love in its purest form!

I think your bodywork for women is enormously important. As lovingly and seriously as you pass it on, you give the women something tremendously important. Bodywork is also too cold, you are really doing body therapy, giving women an attitude of love for themselves and their bodies. There is hardly anything more valuable.

— Conny B., Grad.-Social-Educator



Group Program

The Healing Catalyst

A Proven Signature Process For Women Who Want To Break Through Their Sticky Limits Into A Wildly Free Life (Once And For All)
5-Month Group Program from September 2019 - February 2020
*In Person & Online*

As a soul-centered woman you have the burning desire to:

  • Find out what´s holding you back (To break through to the next level. To get the success, the health, the relationship you´ve always dreamed of.).

  • Finally get rid of all that s*** (PLEASE! With ease).

  • Turn it into a reliable stream of pure life force from within. (Wanna feel wildly alive? Got ya!)

This is my call to you:

Immerse into a 5-full-month safe & cozy container, share your unique story, re-connect with who you REALLY are, and unravel your past that has kept you stuck. You will get direct access to your pulsating stream of life from within and be directly supported by an expert in Body Psychotherapy and Tantric & Shamanic Wisdom Teachings.


3 Weekend Seminars, 5 Video Calls, Private Facebook Group and more… for your support.
This program isn´t officially launched yet, but if you wanna know more and get some juicy bonuses, don´t hesitate to book a call with me. FYI: Some spots are already booked…

*and melt stuck energy into sustainable happiness



I am so beautiful!
Elke's seminars were a present for me and the woman in me. Safe in a protected and attentive atmosphere, I was able to discover my femininity brand new in me. I've experienced how beautiful we women and our bodies are and how much power is hidden in us. Wow .... what energy comes to light when we show ourselves!

— Sabine Braun, Awareness Trainer & Coach



Live Retreats & Seminars

Healing Intensives

5 to 7 Days
Intimate Groups With Wholehearted And Like-Minded Women

Nova Scotia - Canada

Coming soon …


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