C-Section... or natural birth?


C-Section... or natural birth?

I was asked today:

If you had the choice between a C-section and natural birth, what would you choose?

As a body psychotherapist, I would always recommend a vaginal delivery, unless it´s an emergency.

The birth process is immensely important for the baby for:

  • Future success (I did it)

  • The strengthening of the feeling of strength and power

  • It is a transitional ritual that shapes the "I am", the substance/the matter, the "here I and there you begin". The pressure of the birth canal and the birth itself is an important journey.

I would almost say the most important thing ever! That should not be underestimated.

Many of my clients suffer from the sense of being apart, struggle to be successful, have difficulties with feeling the wild liveliness of life and being in connection. Yes, and there is a process called Birthrelease to cure all these traumatic experiences.

Do you want to know more about it? Then call me or write me.

And if you have the chance to naturally give birth to your baby, then do it!

From my big heart all my love for you ♥

Text: © Elke Hannig
Photo: Pixabay hatching-chicks-2448541_1920
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